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Post by spleipnir » Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:36 am

I wanted to share my work, so I have attached the code I’ve made in the zip file, but you'll need to visit the links in the sketch for the extra infos.
I had previously attempted to work with the onboard SD card to store RFID cards, users and logs, but it was not practical to update the credentials etc...
So I have combined the code from the “practical arduino RFID” and from http://www.yetihacks.com (link in the sketch) with some extra code, from me, for the time stamp and log part.
This project will:
- Read an RFID tag
- Connect to an SQL database over the network
- Check the tag and date period allowed from the SQL database
- Add the tag if not there.
- Time stamp and log the transaction
- Return to control board the response from the SQL
I am currently using my home server, but will move to a Raspberry Pi soon.
I hope this will help others and welcome any improvement.
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