Melbourne RepRap Users Group (MRRUG)

Got a Makerbot, a RepRap, or some other 3D printer?
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Melbourne RepRap Users Group (MRRUG)

Post by geekscape » Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:36 pm

hi All,

Stuart, Peter, Rob and John who regularly attend Melbourne HackerSpace meetings are effectively the core of the MRRUG.

Stuart holds periodic meetings specifically for 3D printer enthusiasts, where up-to 20 printers may be seen (in various states of completion).

Nearly every weekly Melbourne HackerSpace meeting there are one or more people working on their 3D printers. There is a completed MakerBot Cupcake (modified) always available for play. Several people are completing RepRap Mendels, including 3 Prusas, one of which will belong to the HackerSpace for general use.

There are a number of other CNC projects in-progress, including a milling machine and a laser cutter / engraver. One of our members also has an EggBot. So, there is a range of equipment to play with.

The overall goal is to have a core group based in Melbourne who can assist others with getting up-to-speed with building more 3D printers, tuning, tweaking and using them ... and having a ready means of printing / acquiring parts for new printers.

cheers andyg (@geekscape)

Freetronics Staff
Freetronics Staff
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Re: Melbourne RepRap Users Group (MRRUG)

Post by cef » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:00 am

For those wondering, MMRUG started on the RepRap forum -

Our next meeting will hopefully be in early December. We've outgrown my garage, so we're going to need a bigger space to hold the meeting in. This may require us to charge a door fee to cover the costs of venue hire.

FWIW: My printer (an original Sells Mendel with a Wades extruder) is now almost ready to start printing. It's taken a long time (way too long), mainly due to life throwing a whole heap of obstacles in my way. Will try and throw up some pics once I've got it finished.

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