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Got a Makerbot, a RepRap, or some other 3D printer?
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Post by Geoffro » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:06 am

Hey guys,

I recently bought myself a flashforge. I wanted a dual head machine but really did not want to fork out the $2500 for the makerbot replicator 2. It's just your average generic brand but has the new good extruders with less issues and a very easy system to repair if something does go wrong.

I won't mention who I bought it off, you can find them on ebay easily enough. The reason I don't mention them is they were hopeless - the printer arrived broken (transit issue, not the printers fault) and the seller was an absolute @#$%@#$. So i went direct to the manufacturer and wow.. were they good. Spare parts from China to Australia in a few days, I could not complain. It was fixed in 5 minutes with a new drive belt and I was off and printing right away. It comes with examples on the SD card so you can fire it up and test it before you even plug it into your computer.

Anyway - the flashforge is a pretty good knock off. Sure it's not as solid as a makerbot 2, but for less than half the price (around $1150) it's a damn fine machine.

Briefly, it has the following specs.
*Dual head extruder, 0.4mm nozzle, ive had them up to 250c
*Heated bed, ive heated it to 120c to print raftless, works great.
*replicator 2 firmware, so makerware works with it as does replicatorG
*SD card input to print X3g files.
*Print resolution down to 0.1mm, but I find the best results at 0.2mm

So far I am at 220 hours of printing and the machine has not failed, the only issues have been with different types of filament, but thats probably better for another thread.

Feed rates and Travel rates:

I have been through the scale, for a good clean print, I keep it at 50ms travel and 80ms return, but it can do high speed drafts at 90ms feed and 150ms return no problem - it's just alot noiser as the stepper motors get a good workout.

The machine itself, pretty large, takes up a fair bit of desk space, but it has a large build platform (22cm (w) 15cm(d) 15cm (h)

I bought it originally to craft quadcopters, but after making a few I decided to move onto other projects.


Making stuff for the kids (abs very easy to paint. Can be sanded, but as you can see in the picture below sanding isnt really necessary for quick builds)


Some great qaulity prints so far have come out of it, this frog printed with 2 shells, 10%infill and at 0.2, took 2 hours.


And probably the most challenging to print (not the lamp) the clear ABS... this stuff is really tricky for me.. my reel was thin, like 1.76mm as opposed to the average 1.8mm (ive not yet bought a reel yet that is actually 1.75mm!!)


Sorry, I cropped the 10 cent coin out accidentally, these are very small prints..


This was a 6 hour print at 0.15mm in white plain ABS, after sanding and a light coat of paint also..


Dual extrusion..

Not played with this too much so far, it is very hard. Often one head drags over the others print and often colours bleed badly, so it still needs some calibration. If you are not mixing colours too much, it comes out pretty clean, here is an OCP logo from robocop printed in 2 colours..


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Re: Flashforge Creator

Post by PeterGrant » Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:00 pm

Those 3D printed minions are so cool. I guess you can use Yellow ABS filament-www.3d2print.net/shop/product/abs-yellow-1-75mm/ for that to make it more appealing and attractive. Take a look at this 3D2PRINT’s customer David Clunie “The Despicable Me Minions" : http://www.3d2print.net/shop/blog/cool/ ... -building/

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Re: Flashforge Creator

Post by dave » Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:12 am

Just to add my 2 cents worth...

I bought a flashforge creator in Jan this year. After seeing what Geoffro had to say about his bad experience with ebay sellers I decided to go straight to the distributor here in Melbourne and purchased mine from the 3D Printer Superstore. Very glad I did because I also had a minor problem with mine. Mark checked with the manufacturer in China and was able to supply me a replacement part from stock.

As for the printer it is great. It came with two full size spools of (randomly selected) material so as soon as I installed the heads I was able to start printing. The instruction manual was pretty good too. Although I could tell that english was not the author's native language it was pretty clear and had plenty of pictures to help. The instructions for software installation were good too. Anyone hanging out on the Freetronics forums shouldn't have any trouble following it.

Printing quality is pretty good - and the print area seems pretty large. I have made a lot of parts for a few projects and nothing has come close to filling the print area so I am glad I didn't spend more on a larger printer.

Overall I am very happy with this unit as my first 3D printer and won't be looking to upgrade anytime soon.

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