Using the USB Droid to program an ATmega328?

The USBDroid provides USB Host functionality for use as an Android peripheral as an Open Android Development Kit board. [Product page]
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Using the USB Droid to program an ATmega328?

Post by jscoulter » Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:53 am

Hi Guys.
I have perfected, well working enough :D , a circuit and program for a project I am making.
I have ordered an ATMega328 already re-loaded with the Arduino bootloader loaded.
I was looking at this turtorial,, and at the very bottom it shows how to program an ATMega328 on a breadboard via an arduino.
BUT then I notice the caption that says to remove the microcontroller.
Obviously I cant DO that with the USB Droid. SO, can I use the USBDroid to program the ATMega328 on a breadboard? Can I follow the tutorial without screwing anything up?
I know I can use an something like an AVR programmer, but wondered if I can use the USBDroid instead.

Thanks Jeremy

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Re: Using the USB Droid to program an ATmega328?

Post by LukeW » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:16 am

Where that webpage says to remove the ATmega328 chip on the Arduino from its socket, what you're really doing is you're basically just using the Arduino's USB virtual serial port IC (FT232RL or appropriately-programmed ATmega8U2) as a USB-to-TTL-serial converter.

You can do exactly the same thing using an FTDI cable or Sparkfun FT232 breakout board, for example, to replace the AVR-less Arduino.

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