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Arduino Leonardo keyboard entry

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:01 pm
by INeedHelp111
i buyed a Arduino Leonardo board with a Matrix Keypad and some extra cables, because my friends are playing GTA IV With Dutch police forces. they use the matrix keypad so if there is a call from the dispatch they press on the A button and the Arduino program know that he needs to Automaticly typ JJJKL. Its like automaticly typing, like a hotkey. but if i trythe programm by myself, it wont work. Maybe you guys can help me with that??

Here's my script that i use,

Some more explonation: If i press the A button on the Matrix 4x4 pad, it should automaticly typ: jjkl . but if i upload the programm it doesnt do anything.

These are my scrips, ( ) please look at it and retyp if im doing it wrong. also tell y how to install it correctly :)

Re: Arduino Leonardo keyboard entry

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:18 am
by angusgr
I split your post off into a new thread because it wasn't related to the thread you posted in.

I can't see any reason why your program doesn't work, sorry. Maybe it's a problem with the keypad wiring?