Android App Connection - DC Motor Control

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Android App Connection - DC Motor Control

Post by geek_tk » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:05 am

Hi there. Let me start by saying I am a beginner programmer and Arduino novice...I know I am about to soon be in over my head but it's sink or swim so here we go!

Here's what I am up to:
I have written an Android App with Google's AppInventor that prompts a user to enter some values into text boxes, and then runs some simple algebra on the numbers to generate a set of parameters. These parameters are meant for motor and camera control for a linear motion timelapse system that I built. The values are for camera shutter on/off times, with intervals between exposures where the motor is activated.

What would be the best approach for me to get the Arduino IDE on this board to grab the parameters from the app to store them and use them for motor and camera control over time? In other words - the user runs the app on the phone, it generates a CSV file in a TinyDB on the phone. How can I get the Arduino to grab this CSV file and use it to generate a repeating cycle of signals that control the motor and the camera for a specified time period?

Other alternatives for me to store/send the parameters are the USB connection, Bluetooth, or Google's Fusiontables.


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