Proto Shield Improvements

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Proto Shield Improvements

Post by electrocoolman » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:52 pm


Recently recieved a couple of your Proto Shields - one basic and one short. This is only a minor critiscm but they do not have mounting holes to align up with the mounting holes in the Arduino or your Ether Ten.

Arduino sell a ready made case which the Ether Ten fits nicely, but I cannot mount a Protoshield on the board and then fit it to the case.
The plastic mounting pins cannot be pratically shortened because they are used to hold the top half of the case in place.
I have looked at drilling holes in the shield, but one hole would cut the +5v line feed to the +5v busbar, and this is the same on both the basic and short shields.
Perhaps this could be considered for a future improvement.

Another idea would be for a shield to the same basic design as the Proto shields, but longer with another 4-5 rows of holes - i.e. the same overall size as the Ether Ten pcb, unless one already exists?

Regards, Adrian

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