Signal state prototyping shield

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Signal state prototyping shield

Post by swordfishBob » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:28 am

Consider how recent designs have the D13 LED isolated so as not to interfere with other possible D13 functions.
How about a shield with such an isolated LED on every digital pin? Even better with dual LEDs and FET drivers, so Red=high, Green=low. Red and Green would be very Christmassy too :D
You could make it a Mega-format board, going all the way up to D54.

Using with a Uno-size host, there would be a lot of spare LEDs ready to link to a custom or experimental circuit, since it's also a proto-board :idea:

Add a reset button and power LED, and make it a short-head board to fit above USB or Ethernet connectors.

Star-shaped pads for easier solder bridging?

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