Ghost Busters

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Ghost Busters

Post by tatawaki » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:36 am

I've always enjoyed the movie... so much I decided to make a working replica of the Ghostbusters Proton Pack!

Parts used:
- Arduino
- Wave Shield
- 4 74HC595 shift registers and a 74HC4017B decade counter.
- Bunch of LED's and resistors

Quick synopsis of how it’s working:
Proton pack lights
Powercell (15 lights) (using 2 595 chips)

Cyclotron (using 4017B) – clock being taken from one of the lights on the powercell


led bar graph (14 lights) (using 2 595 chips)
gun firing lights (using first and last pin on the 2 595 chips – see code)
flashing lights (pulling power from the led bar graph)
other lights (pulling 5v from when you power on. (will us a DPST switch to turn on power to the IC’s (595/decade counter) and putting the pin to ground to start up the pack from the arduino

I did all the schematics and got it to work the first time! whew!

Assembled it, painted it, and turned out great!

A video of the Working Prototype:

a Video of the final Proton pack:

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