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'Handsome' relief waits for the first time long - 'WILLIAM'
Olivier Giroud, Frenchman, admits he was relieved to score with Chelsea, while Wigan's winged winger looked at the team as confident.
'Handsome' first in the FA Cup round 5 on Friday night 'Singh Heights' opened Stamford Bridge collapsed Hull City 4-0.
After the game, Giroud gives an interview."I was waiting for my first child to come. I have a chance in the previous game. The key is to shoot first. I'm relieved. " pic5678 :mrgreen:
"I see that the team is united. It's good to recover from a bad start. This confidence is very important to the next step. We need momentum. "
"Everything is going well. We are very happy with the last two matches, so let's get together. "
However, the most outstanding is the Willemans, who made two beautiful doors and a push for the team.
Willem said after the game as well. "It was a great game not just for me but for the whole team. I almost got a hat trick, but the key is victory. "
"After a difficult time, we are back on the road to victory. The higher the confidence, the higher the compliance. We have to go up. "

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