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JK confident swans succeed if they are diligent
Eriksson Clover, big boss The "Reds" Liverpool are confident that the team will be successful if they play diligently like the game last night.
Liverpool made a masterpiece in 16 games of the first match of the UEFA Champions League after the landslide FC. Porto tops 5-0.
Sardinia Manat Hattric While Mohammed Salah and Roberto Fiammino scored the goal.
However, Klopp impresses with the most receptions and gives him confidence with the rest of the season.
"We scored and they did not. I think we have a lot more chances in the first half because we have a good defense, "said Klopp.
"I told the boys in the dressing room the moment I admired the first half when Mo (Salah) ran from behind to press back and snatch the ball back."
"That's what we wanted last night"sbobet88888 :mrgreen:
"If we work that way. We will succeed. "

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