Rainy summer wood flooring moisture tips!

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Rainy summer wood flooring moisture tips!

Post by zongyi » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:21 am

Moisture proof wood flooring method 1:
In fact, there will be arching wooden floor arching is a normal phenomenon, because the floor soaked in water or rain, and then under the sun caused by the sun floor arch or paint discoloration and other phenomena.If the solid wood floor is blistered or rained,The Best PVC Decking For Sale
proper handling should be done by first removing the floor next to the wet floor so that the moisture beneath the floor can be slowly dispersed or some air-drying measures (such as : Electric fan or hair dryer blowing under the keel). After the inside of the water are dry, contact the professional staff to install the floor to deal with it.
Moisture proof wood flooring 2:
Now on the market there is a special maintenance of the floor surface of the moisture-proof membrane, this special floor moisture-proof membrane, you can shop in the solid wood flooring surface,how to build a backyard pavilion

play a role in the protection of the surface of the wooden floor, but also can effectively prevent damp wood surface.
Moisture proof wood flooring 3:
Under normal circumstances, the home installation of solid wood flooring for a week or two a month or so, they should be waxed once,plastic wood composite panels

after a period of time can be a quarter of its waxing, because the general newly installed Solid wood board after waxing two or three times can basically remove the residual moisture in the construction of the floor.
Moisture proof wood flooring 4:
Xiao Bian remind: Moisture-proof maintenance of solid wood flooring should pay attention to the indoor humidity regulation, if the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity,solid panel fence panel

you can close the doors and windows, keep the indoor low humidity, if the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter hot and humid weather, you can open an air conditioner or electric fan, it will also reduce the humidity.

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