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Having problem runing my rpi2

Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:07 am
by shaniyakov
First of all, i am sorry for my bad english :).
I worked with the rasp for a year without any problems.
I installed the kodi program on it, and everything worked just fine, but now i am trying to run it, and its not working, i reinstall a few times a few diffrent os, but non of them worked.
I can see that the leds flashing correctly but no picture on the tv. The tv works fine with this rasp before, so i dont think its the tv issue, and i dont have another one to check either.
I manage to see it only through external software on my laptop.
Is there someone here from sydney that can help me with this?

Already tried to change the settings to force hd and all this stuf.