Progress with LCD shield and buttons

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Progress with LCD shield and buttons

Post by ngp99 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:10 am

A couple of weeks ago I was posting about strife with my eBay cheapo LCD keypad shield. The display was OK but it apparently clashed with the SD card and the buttons would not work when using the Freetronics buttons tutorial.

I have removed male pinD4 on the short proto board and routed the socket to pin16, altering the nomination line accordingly.

I have used the code below and the buttons now work. ... Compatible

What surprises me is just how utterly different the two sketches are, yet they are for the same purpose.
It uses the standard LCD library, not LCD4bit.

The shield I have is not exactly the same as that sold by emartee. I thought the shield was a dud. It appears that the vital difference is that it uses pin 13

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