driving a 1.3 A stepper

Drive a 4-wire bipolar stepper motor or a pair of DC motors from your Arduino. [Product page]
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driving a 1.3 A stepper

Post by andrew52 » Thu May 28, 2015 2:43 am

I am new to Arduino but trying hard ! I have a freetronics 11 and motor shield connected to a NEMA17 1.3A 12V bipolar stepper ,I have loaded the later of the motor shield example sketches from the web site and it works fine but I tried to change the set speed from 200 rpm and the motor makes noises misses steps ? can anyone help ?
I don't know much about electronics but I think I have answered my own question and probably a few others on this forum , the shield does not appear to have diodes to block any back emf from a motor , the only reason the example stepper software works on 200 rpm is because the stepper also has 200 steps per rev so I guess it is in sync but wont work at any other speed . Maybe spinning a brushed motor or run on could also damage the shield ?
I changed to a TB 6600 5 Amp stepper driver for around the same price which seems to have more protection built in .

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