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BlueCube - Control a Cube from iOS or Android via Bluetooth LE

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:05 am
by neographophobic
BlueCube is an open source project I’ve created to allow remote control of a your cube via Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) from a compatible mobile (cell) phone using a Adafruit BlueFruit LE UART Friend module connected to the Cube, and the companion sketch.

BlueCube implements all of the API functions available for the cube, and adds the ability to pick any colour to use (and to managed a list of favourites), call any user defined patterns saved within the sketch, and to use “static” favourites (which is re-running a series of previously saved API commands).

To support the use of BlueCube, I’ve written a website that has all of the information on how to:-
  • Wire up the cube
  • Download and install all of the requirements
  • How to use the apps
  • Some basic troubleshooting steps
  • How to setup the development environment
The instructions on setting up the development environment are so that you can make modifications to the sketch or mobile apps yourself. The mobile apps are written in HTML and Javascript, using the Cordova and Ionic frameworks that allow for them to be compiled into native apps.

If you don’t want to worry about setting up the environment to deploy the apps to your own mobile, I’ve published them to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and they can be downloaded directly from there.

When creating this project, I learnt enough to achieve what I wanted, but I know that I haven’t done things in the best way possible. I’m more than happy for any suggestions or improvements that you have.

To see BlueCube in action, check out the video I’ve posted to YouTube ( It shows the iOS version, however the Android version of the app is the same.

The best place to start exploring BlueCube is the website at Download links can be found on the download page at

Re: BlueCube - Control a Cube from iOS or Android via Bluetooth LE

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:30 am
by andrew
That is genius - thank you for sharing with us.