Thoughts on Project 6: Making Things Move With Servos

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Thoughts on Project 6: Making Things Move With Servos

Post by cholmes » Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:18 am

Hi folks,

We are having lots of fun with the Experimenters Kit!
A couple of things with Project 6 and our servo...
When going through the projects and on reaching Project 6...
Once the servo is connected and the Arduino is connected to the computer for compiling and uploading, the previous project is still active on the Arduino, and sending values to the servo that are beyond the 0 to 180 range.
Our servo was moving erratically?
Is this damaging to the servo?
I would hope that the servo would have some simple range protection logic, but changing the project to connect to the servo on a different pin may avoid this.

Also, a small issue, but our servo did not achieve a full 180 degree range of motion. It was more like 165/170 degrees.
We checked the full range of values were being sent, via the serial monitor.
Is this common?


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