Help distribution board relays

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Help distribution board relays

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I am currently doing a rewire with a very similar approach to yourself other than I am putting 240v switches in place for now in a 2 way wiring configuration with the relays that will go in my distribution boards.

The idea being, as my automation isn't quite ready to go and my sparks have started, I can still turn lights on/off and if everything goes wrong once my automation is in I still have a fall back. Eventually all switches will be disconnected but the wiring left in so it can be reconnected should I sell the house or run it to problems etc.

This is not a standard rewire in that every socket and light has its own circuit to allow me to use relays to control things using a central control board, much as super house does.

What I could really do with some guidance on is around the relays....

So every socket and light will have its own relay, I currently have some 25A SSRs, however I am concerned about inductive loads etc.

Should I use a mixture of 25A SSRs and mechanical relays?

What type and minimum rating of relay would you use and any heat sinks and/or MOVs for the following situations:

- Incandescent lights
- Florescent lights
- Halogen lights
- LEDs with own transformer
- Socket with unknown load
- Socket with Kettle
- Socket with washing machine
- Socket with fridge
- Socket with TV
- Socket with Hifi Amp
- Socket with heater
- Socket with hoover

I think these scenarios cover most uses and would help me out massively.

Also can you link to the relays you used and explain how and why you used them, any problems/solutions to problems you have faced with them?

Here are the relays I have got: ... 2572ed2118

Here are some mechanical ones I was looking at: ... 9733733%26

Are there any other considerations/ advice you can give me?

Many thanks and thanks for the inspiration!


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