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Just 100 mgs and they experience much better - no more depression, no more headaches, etc. so I do think it has merit in certain cases. Now it can get quite complex because progesterone can improve androgen levels (i.e. anabolic hormones) or it can improve cortisol (i.e. a catabolic hormone.) I can manipulate those testoboost pro pathways somewhat by offering the patient just a bit of cortisone to encourage progesterone toward the androgenic route. JP: Sustain their doc. If you provide cortisone, shouldn't you be such as power to the fire? ES: Oh, excellent question! Think about it this way. If you have a patient who is under a greater volume of pressure and they are already producing quite a bit of cortisol, by offering them just enough exogenous cortisone, it can help decreased their endogenous cortisol production significantly through feedback inhibition. It's a way of tricking the body! JP: Ahhh, much like the trick you use with hyperchlorydic patients (i.e. folks who produce too much abdomen acid), you provide them a bit of HCL to lessen their own production. ES: That's right. JP: Smart! What about the controversy that DHEA is over-prescribed these times, and that after per 30 times of use, in most males it will improve levels of oestrogen and in most women androgenic hormone or androgenic hormone or testosterone. Is this true? ES: This is very actual, although it depends on the dosage as well as the size of the personal. For example, you don't want to start with with the regular women on 50 mgs of DHEA right off the bat. Always start low and come up. Even a 25 mg amount is too much in most cases. Begin around 50 percent that amount and perform up in 5 mg doses for best effect. Men, I start them at 25 mgs. JP: Should you cycle off of DHEA after a certain time period of time? ES: If you are below the age of 40 for males and 35 for ladies, then you should cycle DHEA. Above those ages, there's no need to since you are not producing that much anymore. Keep under consideration that it is quite typical for those use DHEA and androgenic hormone or androgenic hormone or testosterone together. This is a mistake. What happens when you use both of them simultaneously? They spill over into estrogen! JP: Okay, while we are on the subject, what are the best types of DHEA (i.e. sublingual, oral, etc.) and testosterone? ES: For DHEA, sublingual is best and for androgenic hormone or androgenic hormone or testosterone, creams and injections perform most effectively but I do prefer the cream type. JP: Which cream - Androgel or Testim? ES: Another excellent question! Here's the low down between the tw Androgel will

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