DC motor and servo motor

The "Eleven" is our Uno-equivalent Arduino-compatible board, but with a number of improvements including prototyping area, a mini-USB connector, LEDs mounted near the edge, and the D13 LED isolated using a FET. [Product page]
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DC motor and servo motor

Post by yy205001 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:46 am


For DC motor, can I use eleven to control it? Such as drive the motor for 5 seconds then stop for 3 seconds then drive again. Since DC motor only has power and ground wire. Or I have to do this with servo since it has the digital wire?

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Re: DC motor and servo motor

Post by andrew » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:12 pm

To control a DC motor you need to connect it to a digital output pin via a switching transistor or ideally an NMOSFET, as your Eleven can't safely supply enough current to drive a DC motor. For example, see the "inductive load" section in the following page:
http://www.freetronics.com/pages/ndrive ... tart-guide

An ideal solution is to use our HBRIDGE: motor control shield, it will allow you to control to DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor:
http://www.freetronics.com/collections/ ... ver-shield

If you are new to the world of Arduino we recommend the book "Arduino Workshop" - it will take you through this and many other topics:
http://www.freetronics.com/collections/ ... o-workshop

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