New leostick - can't upload anything!

A shrunk down Leonardo-compatible board, thumb drive sized with native USB support. [Product info]
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New leostick - can't upload anything!

Post by dylanbaars » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:04 am

Hi all,

I just bought a leostick after having a lot of success with an arduino UNO and liked the leostick size for the project I'm working on - however my experience with the leostick hasn't gotten off to the greatest start!!!

I followed the guides here to install my leostick

(fyi I'm running windows 7 x64)
after installing the driver device manager reports the leostick as "freetronics leostick beta (com23)"

in the arduino IDE 1.0.1 I select Tools > board > freetronics leostick v1.0
load the blink example and compile/upload and I get this error

serial port "com23" is already in use. Try quitting any programs that may be using it"

It is definitely NOT in use anywhere else :(

This feels like I'm not even getting past step one. I've tried the "how to unlock a leostick" thread with no luck.

In the driver install guide it seemed to suggest the leostick (during compile/upload) would prompt for more drivers - this never happened.


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Re: New leostick - can't upload anything!

Post by r23d » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:04 pm

I think I may be in the same boat Dylan -

I bought 9 Leosticks for a project, and am aware of the "hung sketch" issue and how to recover one using the method posted, since I've been messing about a lot, but I have one in the batch that just will not behave and does exactly what you say, namely :

1. It shows up in the device manager as a port (in my case 18, which is what all my unprogrammed leosticks came up as) and remains so.
2. It is selectable in the Arduino IDE as that port.
3. If you try to program it, the IDE fails to upload telling you that Serial Port is in use.
4. If you remove it, and try to upload a sketch (eg: blink) by jamming it back in just before the code finishes compiling for upload (hung sketch recovery method), the IDE gives the same "port in use" message, unlike a working stick, even one with a hung sketch.
5. After messing about a bit plugging and unplugging with the Arduino IDE open, it can cease to be selectable via the Arduino IDE port dropdown menu even though it still shows up in the device manager. Removing it, and restarting the Arduino IDE makes it become selectable again.

I have nothing attached to mine except the pinheaders which were soldered with skill AFAIK.

I think we have a couple of duds, unless anyone has any good ideas?



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Re: New leostick - can't upload anything!

Post by mikefox » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:32 pm

Hey guys,

I just responded to a similar problem in another thread, if you follow the link I mention, it will let you find out if a program or background service has connected to the Arduinos com port.

Given that the Mega32u4 internally supports USB, one would imagine that if the chip was at fault then USB would fail to enumerate at all, it could be that the bootloader wasn't flashed properly or the flash array has bad blocks. You could try to re-flash the bootloader and see if that helps.


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Re: New leostick - can't upload anything!

Post by bricabracwizard » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:41 am

I found after compiling the sketch click on upload and then immediately click the reset button on the leostick it works. After I did this a number of times it would load with no problems without having to reset the stick......I know this is a bit of a late reply but I hope this helps.

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