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Ethermega HEX files

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:49 am
by pantxoa
Hi aussie mates,
Due to too low power supply, I got a bricked Ethermega that I 'repaired' by flashing the ATU16 with FLIP and bootloader with an ArduinoISP and the HEX files provided in Arduino sub directories.
I am concerned by the fact that now the Freetronics driver is no more used by windows or detected as applicable fot this Mega. The 2560 driver bby defautl is used.
How can I be sure too that the HEX files I used are the same than Ethermega factory used ? The product I'm working on is in production phase so I must be certain that configurations between boards are identical.

So could you post the HEX files used for the ATU16 and the bootloader please ? I did not find them anywhere on site or elsewhere.
Thx in advance.