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SD on EtherMega not recognized when 6ch NDrive Shield present

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:14 am
by soshta
I recently purchased an ETherMega board with SD and a 6 channel NDrive Shield.
I am using Arduino 1.8.2
When the NDrive Shield is pluged in, the boards are powered by 24V Power Supply connected to the Vin of NDrive Shield (EtherMega power jumper in DC IN position) the SD is not recognized but EteherMega and NShield are functioning properly.
When I disconnect the NDrive Shield and power the EtherMega from the USB port (EtherMega power jumper in USB position) SD functions properly.
I don't see in the EtherMega schematic any reason for this behavior.
Does somebody have any clue what is the problem and how to use NDrive Shield with EtherMega including SD ?