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USB Keyboard chapter

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:12 am
by GraemeSPa
In the Practical Arduino book, there is a section on USB keyboard with sketch and circuit to build - only the sketch won't compile on a Eleven R3 - the text admits this and refers to using build 0016 - which i take as being one of the very early IDE builds and i found it on a very old and rusty website called code google. OK - i will try this when i get around to it. I have two questions to ask :

1 the circuit text refers to 3.6V zener diodes to limit the volts to 3.3V - why not just use 3.3V zeners in the first place? ( i got a bag full of these)

2 the book was written in 2009 - has the keyboard.h code not been updated since then to run on later IDE? This project seems to have been forgotten.

I also read that changing the firmware in the usb chip can allow the 11 to emulate a keyboard but as described this process seems a little complex to me - I'm new at this and want to keep the Eleven as my experimenter platform in one piece. Uploading sketches is one thing, but we're not all computer graduates out here. There's also the Leonardo with keyboard commands, but I'd like to get my own arduino going with this.

Re: USB Keyboard chapter

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:33 pm
by andrew
The author (Jon) is away until next week so we'll go from there.
In the meanwhile the introduction of the Arduino Leonardo (and thus the LeoStick) has made emulating a keyboard or mouse incredibly easy, e.g.: