NDRIVE for solenoid

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NDRIVE for solenoid

Post by nitrolx » Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:48 pm

I have one of your NDRIVE modules which I've used for motor control, but am now wanting to use it to drive a solenoid, probably with PWM eventually.

Does the module require any protection diodes when connected to a coil/solenoid or can I use it as is?


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Re: NDRIVE for solenoid

Post by csconsulting » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:39 am

You will need a protection diode, preferably at least a high current (3A) shotcky or high speed diode.
The back emf of a solenoid/motor at switch off can EASILY exceed the 60 volt max rating of the N drive modules, and perhaps even drive a high voltage pulse back into the arduino itself, turning the whole lot into trash.

One point to take into consideration is that a protection diode will make the magnetic field of the solenoid collapse a LOT slower as it drives current back into the power supply, so if you need a quick release action, you can put a small 1-2 ohm resistor in series with your diode.
It should still reduce your back emf spike, but should help the solenoid withdraw quicker.

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