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by SteveMac
Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:12 am
Forum: Eleven
Topic: Disconnect Eleven from Computer USB port
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Re: Disconnect Eleven from Computer USB port

You can just unplug it.
As long as you are not uploading a program at the time nothing will be damaged on the Eleven.
by SteveMac
Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:34 am
Forum: Eleven
Topic: Trick Driver Question
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Trick Driver Question

I have a system of remote PCs that run a special build of Windows XP that each connects to two 'Eleven' arduinos. This was built in 2012. The problem I have is this. I need to replace some of the eleven's. I can't get the same model of eleven. The ones I used had a mini USB connector, not a micro US...